How to use our services?

To use our services, you need to register via the website ( or directly via Next, you will receive an e-mail with your user name and password. Each request to modify your profile is validated by our services.

Why register?

Not all services are available to everyone under the same terms. For this reason, a system was developed that allows user registration to enable access to certain applications. The application access request provided for each application can only be made from the web page. The applications and functions, to which full access has been obtained upon request, are registered in your profile.

Correct contact details are mandatory

In order to be allowed access to these applications, we need correct contact details. This way, the FGIA can provide you with better service. We guarantee that your personal information will only be used for our own services.

Same system for all applications

All online applications offered by the FGIA use this system. The user can pass from one application to another without having to register for each application separately, time and time again. For FLEPOS, an older application, this is not yet possible for technical reasons. It is possible that some additional user names and passwords may be required. The FGIA is working to integrate this application in the future as well.